Time flies!

Well, I’ve been meaning to write and before I know it weeks have gone by! Since I last wrote I have discovered I potentially have somethings known as POTS (Postural Tachycardia Syndrome) which is related to Long Covid. Covid, the gift that keeps on giving! This is the reason for the feeling faint and the palpitations. Standing up for more than a few minutes is still proving to be an issue and I have to be pretty careful when getting up in the night or first thing in the morning.

I also have gestational diabetes so I get the joy of pricking my finger four times a day to check my blood sugar levels. Most of which have been fine and controlled with diet. It’s just the pesky fasting blood sugars after a night’s sleep that won’t behave, so I have been started on insulin at night.

I’m still off work at the moment which I am finding frustrating but having now been signed off until the end of term I need to get my head around the fact I won’t be going back until after the baby is born. I am really missing work but I know I need to put Snoops first and me passing out in the middle of a classroom is probably not going to be ideal!

So now for something a bit happier! In was thrown an absolutely amazing baby shower by some wonderful friends last weekend. Snoops and I were thoroughly spoiled and it was so nice to have some gorgeous people there to share it with. I was very much entertained by the attempts at plasticine babies as well as hearing some of the responses to the questions about me! I was very chuffed to find out that my mum won that one!

I had some gorgeous presents and I definitely don’t need to think about clothes for the first three months! Thanks everyone!!! To cap off an already lovely day I then had dinner with my cousins and their amazing partners. I pretty much slept the whole of the next day but it was totally worth it!

I am currently sat in the day assessment unit to find out whether I have leaking waters or not! I’m 32 weeks tomorrow so I’m really hoping not! Warning for the upcoming TMI. I’ve definitely had some sort of leaking today, which I haven’t had before. It could just be the joys of normal pregnancy discharge (don’t say I didn’t warn you!) but better safe than sorry right! No contractions or tightenings so I’m not even thinking about preterm labour, in fact I’m pretty sure it’s nothing. After all other than the diabetes the pregnancy has been pretty straight forward… it’s me that’s the nightmare!

I’ll let you know how it goes!

Stay safe and ciao for now! 😁

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