26 weeks and not all is going to plan! (Warning: may get TMI!)

Well! The last week has not been particularly plain sailing! It all started last weekend with the start of a cold and a nice little tummy bug to go along with it. Not ideal but all manageable. Then Monday, the cough started. Lateral flow said no, which was a bonus. Another LF on Tuesday also said no but cough wasn’t a dry cough, I was coughing up all kinds of ick! Spoke to GP who wanted to check me over but decided just a nasty cold. She said to keep and eye on it anyway. So, I spent the next few days in bed feeling like absolute rubbish. The worst thing being that every now and again I would come over all faint, even when I was lying down. Plus, the palpitations I have had since covid seemed to be more regular and lasting longer.

Saturday, I had a long episode of feeling like I was going to faint and I wondered if it was low blood pressure which I had a few weeks ago. I thought I would see if I could see an out of hours GP just to get it checked. Apparently the paramedic on 111 disagreed and 2 hours later I was sat in my living room with the paramedics having an ECG. The ECG showed “some changes” and they decided the best bet was get me into the hospital for some bloods. I was adamant I would be out that night, so other than grabbing a jacket, phone charger and my medications, I didn’t bother with anything else. In A&E, I had another ECG which again showed something so I was sent for a chest x-ray. All was going well, that was until I had just had my chest x-ray and could feel that I was about to drop to the floor! The radiographer got me on the bed and to be honest it’s all a bit of a blur after that but I know they had to get a trolley to get me back to where I had been before. Another ECG, this time all was fine but they decided they weren’t happy sending me home so admission to the antenatal ward it was… which is where I still am!

I am happy to say that following a CT scan, they have ruled out an Pulmonary Embolism (blood clot in the lung) and I am currently sitting here with a 24 hour ECG on. They are still reluctant to send me home due to still having episodes of feeling like I am about to pass out, even when I’m lying down. And, I no longer feel like I smell as my lovely Mum has brought me in clean clothes and wet wipes! I am not allowed to shower or bath with the monitor on so the wet wipes will have to do until tomorrow morning!

I am also eternally grateful to my amazing family and friends who have helped look after my fur babies! Probably not as grateful and Jarvis and Natasha though! I have also noticed (through the wonder of a doorbell camera) that my neighbours are collecting parcels and putting my bins out for me! Bless all of you for being so amazing!

I am happy to report, that despite Mummy being a complete disaster, Snoopy appears to still be loving life and all monitoring is looking good. Being able to hear his/her heart beat every 4 hours is the silver lining to this cloud. I am also re-finding those midwifery skills of playing chase the baby when on the CTG monitor, as this little one loves a good game of hide and seek… a sign of things to come?!

Anyway, feeling a bit pooped so going to either have a snooze or move onto The Empire Strikes Back! Disney+ has been a lifeline!!

Stay safe everyone and ciao for now! xxx

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