25 weeks! How?!

I am definitely starting to sound old! Where did the last 25 weeks go??? I seems like no time at all since I took that pregnancy test. But here I am, 25 week midwife appointment and I finally got to hear Snoopster’s heartbeat. I was just a tad emotional! Of course the little monster didn’t make it easy, having a good old wriggle as if to runaway from the sonicaid!

I was also adamant I have a UTI, very similar symptoms to when I had one before but dipstick says all is normal. My lovely midwife has sent the sample off anyway just to make sure. It’s probably just those joyous ligaments stretching to make way for Snoops to grow.

I’ve also spoken to the GP today as my blood tests have shown I’m anemic. So I can now add iron tablets to my ever growing daily medication round! I have an ECG booked for next week as I’ve been getting palpitations. They are fairly normal in pregnancy but better to be safe than sorry!

I feel very looked after at the moment. My upcoming half term consists of another scan with antenatal clinic and another midwife appointment with the added joy of a glucose tolerance test. I just wish they still used lucozade and not the horrible mixture! 🤢

I realise I have made it sound like there is a lot going on but I am happy to say I have felt pretty good these last few weeks. Ok, I get a bit tired but nothing like I was before and I’m loving feeling the movements going on in my uterus… maybe not so much at 4am but I’ll still embrace it!

Stay safe and ciao for now! 🥰

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