Bad blogger!

Wow! I didn’t realise how bad I had been at posting! Not that I am making excuses but the joy of migraines and cluster headaches, a tooth abscess and covid may have contributed!

Can you believe I am now 22 weeks! That is INSANE! Since I last wrote we have had another couple of scans. 20 week scan gave me a glimpse of what I am in store for… there is no doubt this baby is mine! Lazy and stubborn! He/she insisted on staying put despite the bed being tilted and me jumping up and down like I was on a pogo stick. Completely covering their heart and my cervix so the poor sonographer had no way seeing either or getting the position of the placenta.

So, yesterday we were back again and when we first arrived the pickle was again blocking their heart and the placenta! This time we managed to get movement by me moving around and giving Snoops a good poke!

Happy to say all appears as well as can be. I will never fail to be amazed at scans and being able to see so much, even the blood flow to and from the heart. I currently have a low lying placenta but we have plenty of time for that to correct itself. I also found out that despite choosing a donor a whole foot taller than me, I currently have a child with short legs! I’m sorry Snoopy, I tried! There is still time though!

We did have an entertaining moment when the sonographer caught a picture of the hand… not sure that Snoops was happy about being seen as he/she was giving us the v! Although, as if suddenly realising mum was watching, 2 more fingers appeared and the photo instead looks like a wave!

Hi! I wasn’t being rude Mum… honest!

It’s safe to say I am well and truly in love with his teeny tiny human currently residing in my uterus. I can now feel flutters of movement and I think it’s safe to say I have a music lover. There seem to be plenty of boogying going on at my cousin’s wedding on Saturday.. either that or Snoops was as excited as me that 2 of our favourites were getting married.

I am now making my way across the channel to spend a week in France with two more favourites. Although, I do wonder if my dad would prefer a small child to entertain instead of an emotional pregnant daughter! 🤔

I hope I have updated you… it was an early start this morning! As always I love seeing your comments and I am always open to questions. Pregnancy may not have gone the way I imagined so far but I love talking about it!

Stay safe and ciao for now!

Over halfway!

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