So far, so good!

It’s 3 weeks since the wondrous 2 lines appeared on the test strip and already I am feeling the effects of that positive result. Other than the fact I keep getting a big grin on my face, emotions have been all over the place! Over the last 3 weeks I have had numerous dreams, many of which consist of me not actually being pregnant and finding it was all a mistake. I have taken two more pregnancy tests and they have both come back positive! But I don’t think I will be fully reassure until my early scan on Wednesday! I also seem to cry and the most random things, I have to be very careful what I watch on TV right now, Anne was not the best choice! Amazing programme but I think I went through a while box of tissues. The return of the Masked Singer is very welcome though! I really do love that programme!

As for early pregnancy symptoms… I am just happy they let me enjoy my Christmas dinner before hitting! I still consider myself quite lucky though. I have been feeling nauseous most of the time, but other that one day that’s all it’s been. I’m very limited on what I can stomach and, I’m not going to lie, cat food is NOT helping! The smell really turns my stomach but I can’t let my little ones miss out. So my diet pretty much consists of cheddar cheese and crackers, ready salted crisp sandwiches, carrots and hummus and baked potato with beans… sometimes with salad if I can stomach it! Coffee and fruit is out which makes me sad!

The other thing is, I am completely exhausted… all the time!! This growing a new human being is quite hard work! I find myself falling asleep on the sofa by about 7 in the evening and there have been a few occasions where I’ve actually gone to bed by about 8 as I just can’t keep my eyes open! I’ve even had a few afternoon naps which is something I never do unless I’m unwell! The cats certainly seem to enjoy the afternoon naps, we all end up snuggled up on the bed!

So, for now, all is going well. I am really nervous and really excited about the scan on Wednesday and I have my first midwife appointment booked for two weeks time. Things are really moving on! I have found I am feeling more anxious about covid and particularly going into crowded places. I feel really lucky to work in a school that feels very safe and my year 6 class are really sensible which really helps! I’m not going to lie though, the classroom is a bit on the chilly side with the windows open all the time!

Anyway, I’m getting tired again! Stay safe and ciao for now!

P.S. Please excuse any spelling and grammar mistakes… I’m really tired!

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