Well I didn’t get my 2 pink lines…..

I got 2 blue lines instead!

I am being incredibly cautiously optimistic as I know how early it all still is and still a risk of miscarriage. But for this morning I am enjoying the fact I can let myself believe more and more in the idea that I will be a mum.

So, at this point in time I am 4 weeks pregnant which means my little one is in fact incredibly little at the size of a poppy seed! In fact, we’re still not even at the fetus stage, the placenta is now forming and the embryo is being nourished by a yolk sac. Yes, you read that right human eggs have yolk too!

All this did not stop me having a little word with my growing embryo this morning about how proud I am it had got this far and to please keep going!

We still have a very long way to go and the risky days are still ahead. But for now I am pregnant and happy! Thank you for so much of your positivity! You are all amazing!!!!

Stay safe and ciao for now!

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