I am not going to lie. I feel crap. I went for my scan this morning feeling really positive, I was chuffed because I was early only to get a phone call as I was driving into the clinic to see if i was coming as my appointment was at 11am not 11:30am! Covid brain! I need to stress this is not the reason I feel pants but it was how it started! I went in, emptied my bladder then scan time. Surely it had to be good news. Nope. My uterus lining, instead of thinning, had in fact thickened and that pesky follicle was still there, possibly ever so slightly smaller but there is was plain as day on the scan. I felt my heart sink, it’s never a good sign when the nurse starts off with, “I’m sorry…”.

I know it’s not the end of the road, but it just feels like the sat nav has given me an ETA then keeps taking random diversions along the way and I’m wondering if I will ever arrive at my destination. The nurse told me she would need to speak to the consultant but he was somewhere else today so would phone me once she had spoken to him. So, that was it. I got back to the car and part of me wanted to burst into tears, part of me wanted to throw something! I didn’t do either, instead I decided I was going to go and spend my birthday vouchers. Only, I got all the way to Bath centre and it was so busy I decided to go straight home instead! I really don’t do crowds!

Whilst I was driving home the nurse phoned and told me the new plan. Once I got home I was to give myself my trigger injection of Ovitrelle, this would hopefully stimulate the ovulation and the pesky follicle will go. I then have to wait until I start another period before I phone the clinic to book in another scan.

I have just given myself the injection and now I am back to waiting. I am still giving myself the buserelin every day and will continue to do so. It will happen… it has to. For now I feel crap, and I will probably for the next few days. But I will pick up. Life goes on as they say. Just another hurdle.

Stay safe and ciao for now. x

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