I am an idiot!

Well, that’s pretty much all I can say. It turns out this was all my fault after all. When I opened the box of medication there were packets of syringes that said Buserelin Kit 1. So I assumed that was the Buserelin. Did I check the syringes.. nope. They looked like they were good to go. So for 4 weeks I have been giving myself injections with these “pre-filled” syringes. Only it turns out they are not prefilled. What looks like they have liquid in is actually air. I have essentially been injecting myself with air for 4 weeks. I feel like an idiot. I was a midwife. I am not new to injections.

Anyway, I phoned the clinic today because I had a syringe that was empty and I was concerned. I am now angry at myself. I have found the vials of the actual Buserelin and I have now actually given myself a real injection. I am more emotional over this than the idea the drug wasn’t doing what it meant to do. This is probably the lowest I have felt and it is because none of this needed to have happened.

Once again, I will pull myself together and I will move on but for today I am going to continue to fume at myself.

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