Day 1 Scan!

I think if there is one thing my journey into the world of fertility has taught me, it is that (much like pregnancy) nothing is straight forward, or goes to plan! Today was supposed to be the third attempt at the day 1 scan but guess what… go on guess!!! That’s right… no day 1 scan! In order to have a day 1 scan you need to have at least started your period, if no period by the day before you need to phone and rearrange. So yesterday morning I made the phone call and rearranged my scan for next week. Then low and behold 3 hours later, mother nature made herself known!

As it turned out I had a mega migraine last night and took some tablets which have left me a bit dopey today so maybe this is a case of these things happen for a reason!

In 344 days time I am turning 40. My goal was that I would have had a baby by 40. I am now starting to wonder if it will happen. I also had plans to go to Disneyland Paris for my 40th! I went for my 30th and it coincided with the 20th anniversary to I was hoping I could do my 40th and the 30th anniversary! There would be something nice about a new baby, a 40th and a 30th in the same year.

Only a very quick post today.. hopefully I will finally have some more news in a week!

Stay safe and ciao for now. x

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