36 weeks tomorrow… Well this is getting real!

I’m not sure how 36 weeks has come around so quickly but here we are! And of course now is the time the nesting is kicking in! I’m still getting exhausted easily and still feeling faint every now and again so I have to pace myself… ha!!!! Or get friends and family to take it un turns to come and help! 🤣

At least the heatwave is over. I know, I know, women in other countries have to deal with the heat but it’s not normal for us. We are not designed or equipped to deal with it! I spent 3 days sat in front of a fan drinking litres of water… and we know what drinking water means!!!!

Today I have re-packed my hospital bag for about the 50th time. I’ve also changed bags and I still don’t feel ready or that I have everything I need! I just keep saying to myself, as long as I have clothes for me and baby and toiletries I’ll be fine… right?!?! 🤦‍♀️

Now I’m reaching the end zone, I’m starting to look forward to some post-pregnancy changes. Obviously cuddles with the new love of my life and being able to eat carbs, but also things I never thought would be a thing. One thing I was never told as a midwife, didn’t know it was a thing until recently… excess saliva! Oh my goodness! Seriously, what is that about?! I have never been a night time dribbler, but I now wake up looking like Homer Simpson in a Krispy Kreme! I have taken to keeping a towel next to my bed. I thought maybe there was something wrong with me… I was actually on the verge of going to the GP. But then I saw an article that said, just as with blood volume, your saliva increases in pregnancy. So I thought I would see. I wrote a post on a forum I am on and it turns out it really is a thing! And there were a LOT of women who were relieved I had started the topic! Talk about opening a can of worms! I feel this is something we should be told! So there you go ladies, you might be one of the lucky ones but if you decide to have a baby you might have to deal with epic drool before the teething kicks in!

And speaking if dribbling (I have warned before about TMI so don’t blame me)… turns out, no matter how vigilant you have been with your pelvic floor, when there is a baby pressing on your bladder, nothing is stopping that pee escaping! I can sneeze, I can cough, I can jump up and down and nothing. Baby has a wriggle and there is zilch I can do! Tena lady are my new bffs! I know this is something I need to get used to but I have done pelvic floor exercises regularly, ever since I trained as a midwife, so it just feels so unfair!

So, 36 weeks scan and clinic appointment tomorrow. I will find out if baby has decided to turn the right way or not and what the plan is for induction or c-section. I’m trying lots of positive thinking for induction or even going into labour by myself! But what will be will be.

Stay safe everyone and ciao for now!

No Nat, you cannot come to the hospital!

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