It’s happening!!!

I had my 36 week scan and appointment this morning and I am more than happy to report that baby has decided to listen to mummy and is now in the head down position! Wahoo! This means I can now try induction instead of jumping straight into a caesarean section.

I now have my induction booked for 11th August… 2 weeks!!! I can’t decide if I am excited or freaking out! Of course I know that induction can take time and I could be in for days which means I may have to pack a few more bits in my hospital bag!!! I also need to work out feeding my cats!! I don’t want them to feel neglected!

Lots to think about and plan! And that’s assuming I don’t go into labour earlier!! I guess it’s all a waiting game now! 🙈

Stay safe and ciao for now!

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