Today is actually the day!

Advance warning, we are now at the business end and therefore there will be details that may be too much for some!!!

I am currently sat on my bed in the hospital having come in for induction! I was very excited to get the phone call this morning to invite me in. I arrived about lunchtime and we came up to the ward where I had a covid test before I could go anywhere. I had already done a lateral flow this morning so was pretty sure it was negative and it was.

Then I was taken to my bed. I love how our hospitals are not made for the heat! 🥵🥵

Knowing that this could take some time I suggested Mum went home instead of hanging around the hot hospital so they left. I then was put on the monitor and with baby looking good I was examined. Still the same and yesterday but ready for induction via the balloon. This is where a tube with two balloons is inserted with one balloon sitting inside the cervix and one just outside. The idea being that it will help the cervix to dilate. Baby seemed to be protesting a bit by trying to headbut the midwife out of the way!

It takes two midwives as it involves lots of passing of bits, so when we were ready the balloon went in. Both balloons were inflated with water and I thought some of that water had escaped as it suddenly felt a bit wet! Just as the midwives were checking it was ok they noticed a nice pool of water, only it was just water, it was my water!!!! During the process my membranes had ruptured and my waters were leaking! Out came the balloon!

I think it is safe to say there was a lot of fluid that came out and had I been stood up it would have been like Niagra Falls!! And boy do those waters keep coming and coming!

So now we are back to sitting and waiting. Baby will be monitored every 6 hours and if no labour by 24 hours then I will be given a hormone drip to get things going!

I am now about to have dinner and hope for the best!

Stay safe and ciao for now!

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