12 week scan done

I’m a bit late on the update! Sorry everyone! I have had some pretty nasty headaches over the last week. I knew headaches were a thing but as someone who suffers from migraines at the best of times it would appear they become more frequent I pregnancy!

9th Feb was the day I got to see my baby for the second time, but for the first time actually looking like a baby! Snoopster was gorgeous! I was so overwhelmed, it actually took me by surprise. I have seen many scans in my previous life as a midwife but nothing prepared me for seeing my own! Although, I will admit now, part of me still didn’t believe it!

It was so lovely having my mum with me too. My mum, dad and step-mum have been the most amazing support throughout this whole thing and I genuinely don’t know how I would have got through it without them!

I have been so excited about the scan, I think I have shown anyone who will look. I did stop short of the postman, although it was tempting!

I would live to say that it has been easy since but yesterday I had some bleeding and Inhave been having some stomach cramps. This morning I had to decide whether to brace Storm Eunice and make my way to the Early Pregnancy Assessment Clinic or wait until Monday. As the wind wasn’t too bad at the time I have chosen to come and I am now sat waiting to check all is A-OK.

Looking at the weather outside, I many now have to camp at the hospital for a bit! My gut feeling is that all is ok and it’s just one of those things but I need to check for reassurance. I’m also incredibly early for my appointment! Managed to write down the time of 11:00 instead of 11:40! Still, it could have been the other way round!!

Stay safe everyone and ciao for now!

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