I had very little sleep last night and was wide awake about 5 this morning! I am actually glad they made my appointment earlier, I’m not sure I could have waited! I knew I needed a fairly full bladder so took my water bottle in the car, although I think I may have drunk a bit too much as I was desperate by the time I got there!

The procedure was very similar to IUI, it was uncomfortable but nothing compared to the egg retrieval! And I had a lovely surprise when the nurse doing the procedure was a midwife I used to work with. It was lovely to have someone I know and trust with me. The other surprise was when the embryologist came in and asked if I wanted to see a picture of my embryo. Not just some stock picture on the internet but mine. My potential baby. Right there on a piece of paper in front of me! My blastocyst, ready to be pot back into my uterus and hopefully attach itself to the uterine wall!

It never ceases to amaze me how incredible the whole process is, and bearing in mind how complex, how anyone gets pregnant! Babies really are little miracles. I must admit, I can’t stop looking at that picture! Most people get their first “baby” photo at their 12 weeks scan, but if everything goes to plan, that could be mine! Then I keep thinking something so tiny, that it can only be seen under a microscope, ends up as an adult! It blows my mind! Embryologists are my new heros!

So, in it went and now that little embryo is inside my uterus. Hopefully, in 2 days it will have hatched from its shell (oh yes, human eggs have shells too), and it will implant itself into the uterus, then in 5 days time the placenta will start to form. Insane! I am taking it easy today but from the research I have read it is good to get back to a normal routine. I wonder if my brain will feel that way after a morning with 6 year olds!

So, now for the dreaded 2 week wait! This is my fourth and they don’t get any easier, in fact, they get harder each time. Come on little embryo, do your thing!

Stay safe everyone and ciao for now!

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