It’s Friyay!!

Morning check in! Both embryos are now at the 8 cell stage, which apparently is bang on track. In fact I was told that one was top quality and one was very good, so I am currently a very proud wannabemummy!

Plan now is for transfer on Sunday morning so I just have to get through until then. Of course the major wait will be after that, waiting to find out if the embryo takes.

Come on little ones!

Emotions are all over the place. It doesn’t matter how many times you read or hear that IVF is hard, it isn’t until you are going through it you understand how hard. I swing from excitement to complete fear that it won’t work. And trying to distract yourself is pretty much impossible, no matter what you try your brain just springs back to the embryos! Even the cheesy Christmas movies aren’t working!

It’s also extremely hard seeing the news today about the little boy who was killed by his parents following continuous abuse. It makes me angry that these people have a child and take their miracle for granted by doing the most abhorrent things and then there are those of us who would do anything for a child who we can love and nurture. That child deserved parents who loved and cared for him and gave him the best start in life. It makes my blood boil. It also highlights what teachers were saying about lockdown preventing us from being able to look out for signs and help these children.

Please stay safe everyone and ciao for now.

2 thoughts on “It’s Friyay!!

  1. Hayley Rossiter

    Thinking of you this morning!! Sending stickyembyo love and hugs! I had a glass of pomegranate juice and a slice of pineapple every day after transfer for 5 days. It’s probably made no difference but it was very yummy xx


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