Another scan closer…

Following 8 days of more injections, today was my next scan that measured the endometrium (lining of the uterus) and the follicles (if there are any) in my ovaries. I am so pleased to say that all is going well and I everything looks on track with around 16 follicles! Despite having a nasty cold on top of the continuing covid cough, I am feeling pretty excited! Can you tell from all the exclamation marks I am using?

I was feeling pretty exhausted this morning. I went on a road trip with some friends to see JLS in Manchester and having got home just before 3am I was feeling pretty ropey but my mood definitely picked up this afternoon!

So, I will have another scan on Friday and if all continues to go to plan I will have egg collection on Monday and transfer 5 days later! It feels like everything has been slow and now it’s full steam ahead. I am trying not to get too excited but sometimes it is hard no to! Just keeping my fingers crossed.

Stay safe and ciao for now!

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