Not what I had planned…

It is Sunday night. I had planned a nice hot bath and a book curled the sofa. Instead I am sat outside the emergency vet waiting to find out if my 10 month old cat is ok. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned in here before about her bleeding. She appears to have a problem with clotting. She cloths but it takes a really long time. Which essentially means that even the smallest pink prick means her bleeding for ages… in fact she’s never had a bleed that hasn’t had to be treated by a vet.

After disappearing off this afternoon and not coming back when I put food out (very unlike her) I panicked. But in she trotted a little while later wondering where her food was. No sooner had I calmed down before she started sneezing, sneezing blood. This happened before, not long after I got her she had a persistent nose bleed and ended up in the veterinary hospital for 5 days. So I was straight on the phone and bringing her down. On the way down her eye started looking puffy and weept then it almost looked like she was bleeding from her eye… but then she kept wiping her nose with her paws so could have transferred blood. Either way, she looked like she was getting worse.

The thing is, I know pets are a massive part of people’s lives, but these cats are all I have right now. They are getting me through a really lonely time. And I don’t have kids right now, I have my cats! My nurturing side is being used to care and love my little furry friends.

The worst part of all this, is being stuck outside in the car not knowing what is going on. I have been here for over an hour and no idea what is happening. The last time she was like this I was inside with her.

I know some people with think I’m crazy but right now she really is my baby! Ok, before you think I have lost it, I am not talking in the literal sense. Obviously, she is a cat… kitten. But I am worried about what is going on.

For now, I sit and I wait. It’s all I can do. And I hate it.

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