It’s the little things

So, I started feeling rough last night, sore throat, temperature, bit sniffly. No cough thank goodness! I was hoping a good night sleep would sort it out but I woke up this morning feeling very sorry for myself. Still feeling poop, so I had a lie-in… that was until at 9:55am I remembered we had a class Zoom call at 10am.. and I was supposed to be on 5 minutes before! Oops! Threw on a jumper over the PJs and ran down to the laptop!

Oh am I glad I did! Kurt Vonnegut Jr said, “Enjoy the little things in life because one day you`ll look back and realize they were the big things.” A zoom call to a class of kids may seem like a small thing in the grand scheme but this morning it was EXACTLY what I needed! It’s been over 6 weeks since schools closed and even before that our class numbers had all but halved. As teaching staff we do our jobs because we love working in a school with the children, not sitting at home working from a laptop. But this morning we got to see those smiling faces and here their lockdown stories! I was trying very hard not to show how emotional I was getting!

Like many people, before lockdown, I had no idea what Zoom was… now it’s become my lifeline! I had a university interview via Zoom, staff training, Slimming World meetings, drama meetings and now class time!

So yes, Kurt, I agree! The little things are the big things and I think we should all remember that. Particularly now. I see posts on Facebook about children looking back at this time and remembering spending it with their families. I know this won’t be true for all children and that breaks my heart but for those who do, this time will shape them and hopefully remind people the importance of putting down your phone and looking your child in the eye.

Stay safe everyone.

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