Green Light.. Maybe!

Wow, what a week! So last week I made the tough decision to postpone my IUI for a while. Living arrangements are needing to be changed and I do not want to start my new life on unsure footing. Of course, having made that decision I get the letter from the clinic saying they would love to help me with my treatment and let’s get going!

Then to cap it all off, this weekend I ended up in hospital! I had an unknown abdominal pain. It was just like years ago when I had Gall Stones, only, I no longer have a gall bladder! Nothing was discovered at the hospital so I am putting it down to stress!

I thought I had found my dream home for me, my kittens and a plus one… only they have let it out. This after my Mum phoned them and said how much I wanted it and could she put the deposit down as I was stuck in hospital. They said no then text today an hour before my rescheduled viewing to say it had gone. Stress levels increasing! So, on an afternoon when I should be relaxing and recovering from my little hospital trip I am ringing around estate agents desperately trying to find somewhere. Out of 20 phone calls I have 3 properties that will allow pets that haven’t already gone. Viewings booked and fingers firmly crossed.

I have decided to go to the clinic on Friday to sign all the consent forms. Let’s just hope one of these houses is the one!

Oh and Slimming World Update: 1 Stone award achieved, total weight loss 1 stone and half a pound!

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