More good news received this week!! I am not going to lie, I was pretty nervous about the progesterone test… I knew I was getting periods and that my egg count was good but that didn’t guarantee I was ovulating.

Result showed that my progesterone level was around 50nmol/l this confirms I have ovulated! Happy days!

Now I am just waiting to get the next 5 weeks out the way so I can have a repeat TSH and fingers crossed the last piece of the puzzle will be in place!

I also need them to get this tooth out asap! I’m having it done under sedation so the sooner the better!

I thought I would be really distracted by doing my PGCE but I was wrong! Since things have started moving forward again I am constantly thinking about being a mum and dreaming about it! I’d love to say the dreams were all lovely but I’m getting the odd nightmare about things not working too. I guess that is just my anxieties showing their ugly faces. I need to listen to my friend and use the power of positive thinking!!!

Stay safe lovely people!

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