Nothing is simple!

I have just come our from my scan and of course, as always, nothing goes to plan! The uterus is doing its job but there appears to be a follicle in one of my ovaries that shouldn’t really be there!

It may be nothing but I have now had blood tests to check my oestrogen levels. If they are below 200, I am still good to go. If not, it’s another week and another scan to see what is happening.

I am staying positive and I will wait to see the result in the morning.

I am now off to enjoy the rest of my birthday!

Stay safe and ciao for now.

Celebrations and emotions.

Tomorrow will be my 21st injection of Buserelin and my first scan to check it is doing its job. It’s been a pretty rough few weeks. Not because of the injections but I have potentially had covid! I say potentially because despite 3 negative PCRs I was one of the 63,000 who then recieved a text to say they potentially had a false negative!

6 weeks ago it started with a temperature, sore throat, headache and general aches so I took a PCR and it was negative. A few days later the cough and breathlessness started. I spoke to the GP who advised me to get another PCR but to get to A&E if my breathing got any worse. Negative. I started to improve but he cough and pain in my chest and back persisted. I went back to work, even managed a netball match and thought all was good. Then one night, my breathing got worse again, temperature went up to 38.5 degrees and I felt like I had been hit by a bus. 2 and a half weeks after that my breathing has improved again, I can actually walk around my house and not have to stop. But now, I feel I could sleep as much as my cats do!

My biggest concern was my IVF. I was terrified that it would get delayed again. If it was this time last week there is no way I would consider the scan tomorrow but I now feel like I am good to go!

So tomorrow, on my 39th birthday, I will be scanned to check the thickness of the lining of my uterus. If all goes well I will be given the go ahead to add the next injection into my daily routine.

39… another reason I do not want any more delay to the process. That’s 1 year until I am 40. I didn’t mind being in my 30s, obviously 20s were the best but that number 4 feels like it has HUGE significance, particularly when it comes to having children. 40… that’s the age that children start thinking you are ancient! I remember being a child and thinking 40 was so far I the future it would never happen. But now it is just 365 days and 3 hours away.

I don’t feel it. I still feel 21. Ok, so my joints creak a bit more and last year I had to call and ambulance when I got stuck on the floor because my back had gone into spasm… but deep down, I just don’t feel like 40 is so close. I know I am going tosound like my grandmother now but seriously, where did my life go?!

It’s usually this day every year I sit and ruminate on time and how cruel it is that we can’t go back. Although, if like me you watch science fiction, you know that time travel could cause all sorts of issues of its own!

Anyway, I digress! This is not a science fiction blog… this is a blog about a woman in her late 30s who is facing her biological clock which seems to be ticking at an ever increasing rate! Had things gone to plan with IUI number 1, I would be 8 months pregnant by now. But it was not to be. So here is to IVF, positive thoughts and another birthday!

Stay safe everyone and ciao for now. Xxx

Apologies for any spelling or grammar errors… I really am exhausted!

And so it begins…

Thursday was the first injection day! I’m not going to lie, it felt like a bit of an anti climax. I had built myself up, getting so excited and, of course, it was over in seconds and, well, that was it.

I’m not really sure why this surprised me. It’s not like I haven’t given numerous injections in my time and I know it’s just the start of the “journey”. Was I expecting fireworks and streamers?!

But these injections are now part of my morning routine and will be for the next few weeks. Let’s just hope they do what they are intended to do!!

Back to the real world now and time for housework! Not much else to do on a rainy, windy day!

Stay safe and ciao for now!

It’s a go!

It is finally happening! Well, at the end of this month anyway! In just 13 days I will be starring my injections, then 3 weeks later I will have my first scan to check the injections are doing their job, I will then have at least 2 more scans before egg collection! I am so excited and incredibly nervous!

With three different injections to go through over a few weeks, I think I am going to have to make sure I sort them out! I need to be more organised than my usual self for this!!!

When I hit a new milestone like this, time seems to slow down! I just want to get started. Whenever I go out and about I see pregnant women and babies everywhere. I go from being so positive to starting to think it will never happen. Emotional roller coaster feels a bit like a understatement. But I’ve got this! I have so much love and support around me!

Ciao for now and stay safe!


Another delay!!!!

I was so hoping that I would be starting my IVF treatment this weekend but it was just not to be… again! I have to be honest this has been frustrating. I am really trying to take things as they come but I just feel like there is always something! Thyroid sorted, injections sat ready to go but sperm donor not approved in time to be shipped from Denmark to get to the clinic. It needed to arrive by Thursday and it is now arriving on Tuesday. I understand the clinic needs the samples to be there ready to go but I just wanted to start!

I now have to wait another month and then it’s over a week of the injections before egg collection, following egg collection the embryologists will put the eggs and the sperm in a petri dish and hope they do what they need to do. I spoke to the clinic and it turns out before I undergo IVF I need to do some online learning! It’s essentially videos that talk about the process. The idea is, that after the final trigger injection, they collect around 10-15 eggs, after looking at the eggs to see which are the right size, then trying to fertilise and then seeing which ones are viable I will possibly be left with 2 or 3 that could be put back.

This is such an emotional roller coaster, but the continuing support is incredible. It will be completely worth it in the end, I know it will! I just have to stay strong! I’ve got this!!!!!

Stay safe and ciao for now!

All systems go again!

Turns out emotions got the better of me after attempt number 3. Once again it was a failed attempt and although I felt ok about it, I think deep down it hit me much harder than I realised and I couldn’t bring myself to write about it. That was 2 months ago now and since then I have had a further appointment at the clinic and I am now going for IVF. It was never really a question of whether I would try IVF or not as I am still so desperate to have this baby. But, there are days when it is hard to be positive.

One thing that really helped me was meeting up with a group of other single mums who had been through the same thing. They all had gorgeous little ones and some had been through a similar journey to me but had finally got their bundles of joy… some of which were now school age! It was amazing and their support was invaluable. It definitely renewed my excitement and positivity.

I also made another decision this week and that was to tell the rest of my family and no longer keep it a secret. I realise that I need as much support as I can get and having such a wonderful family I needed them more than ever. I have been wanting to tell them for a while but I think the negative pregnancy tests after IUI stopped me. With hindsight I wish I had told them at the start! But hindsight it a wonderful thing! And so far, those family members I have told have been amazing and I can’t wait to share the rest of my journey with them. I am so lucky to have such a close amazing family.

So it’s time for IVF! It has been delayed slightly due to an increase in those pesky thyroid levels again, but today was the green light as they are at a good level thanks to a bit of re-jigging of medication. I have also picked donor number 2 and I am waiting for the order to arrive at the clinic. It was a lot harder this time as there appears to be an international shortage of donors due to the pandemic. As if it hasn’t caused enough problems over the last 18 months! I originally found a donor in the USA but having looked into the clinics over there, it appears they are not very strict on the limit of donor siblings so I decided to stick to Europe… I can’t stand the thought of having some weird donor sibling disaster in the future!

My last appointment was quite overwhelming. I knew about the injections I would have to give myself but I didn’t realise there was three different types! Thankfully they are prepared for us being completely overwhelmed and have an A4 sheet with the routine! I can see a lot of alarms and reminders being set in my not too distant future!

It’s funny, as someone who gives people injections on a regular basis, I am a little nervous about doing it to myself! I don’t really know why. I am also nervous about the side effects of the injections. The first one essentially puts your body through the menopause, so these are the symptoms you get. Well, if my mood swings are anything like I get every now and again with my periods, I can imagine I won’t see people until it’s over! Although the nurse said I’m more likely to cry than shout! If all goes to plan, I will be starting the injections at the end of the month. I will let you know as soon I as I have more info!

Thank you for continuing to be supportive, it feels amazing that I can now put my name to my blog!

Ciao for now and please stay safe!


Here we go again.

So, here I am for a third time, dat in my car waiting to go into the clinic. Since I last wrote I had another round of IUI followed by another negative test. I have had a roller coaster of emotions lately. With the first negative test being very closely followed by the disappearance of my cat who then appeared again not long after the second IUI, dehydrated and very hungry. I then had a second negative pregnancy test.

I wasn’t sure at this point whether I should give up on IUI and go for IVF but after a good chat with one of the nurses at the clinic I have decided on a third IUI before a rethink.

I then had the amazing news that my cousin was pregnant! I am so incredibly happy for her but coming just a few days after a negative test I also felt a bit emotional. It’s such a strange set of emotions. I have never been in a situation where something can make me so happy and so sad at the same time. But my happiness for her has outweighed my self-pity and I am looking forward to a new member of the family!!!

Whilst waiting for my next IUI my other cat obviously felt she wasn’t getting nearly enough attention and started bleeding everywhere! She has a problem with her blood not clotting properly and although she is on medication three times a day, for some reason she started having bleeds again. So two nights in the veterinary hospital for her and more worry for me!

I am happy to say she is home now and the bleeding has stopped . We are just waiting on test results to see if there is another reason other than her illness.

And that leads me to today. Sat in the car in very windy and rainy weather waiting to see if third time is a charm. It means a day off placement but sometimes you just have to prioritise and I know which is more important! I am just hoping my cervix is cooperative today! Last time was more painful than the first as my cervix didn’t want to let the catheter in! Not helpful!

Please keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

Stay safe and ciao for now. Xxx


Well that felt like a very long two weeks. Weirdly, placement seemed to fly by but it feels like months since I went to the clinic for my treatment. Last night I just wanted to rip open the pregnancy test and find out. But I knew I needed to wait until this morning.

5am, I woke up this morning! But, now the time had come, I couldn’t do it! I had got “the fear”! So many thoughts started flying through my head: “What if it is negative? how will I feel? The chances are so low but there is still a chance.” or “What if it is positive? I am going to want to tell the world and the sun’s not up yet.”

After nearly an hour and a half of torturing myself I decided I needed to do the test and find out. I did 2 tests, one would take 3 minutes, the other 10.

Both tests said negative. My initial reaction was that this wasn’t a surprise, chances are incredibly low. But as the morning has gone on the emotions have come in waves. I have spoken to the few family and friends that know and they have been amazing and supportive. And of course the ladies on The Stork and I Mum Tribe, who have been through it themselves. Being a part of a community that has been there, or who are there themselves right now, is invaluable.

Today is for me and my emotions, my grief over what could have been, then I will move on and get ready for the next try. I will not give up. This is meant to be and will be.

Stay safe and ciao for now. x

This is getting excitedly real!

So after being giving the big yes by the main man that is my consultant, I have been peeing in a plastic cup and dipping in numerous ovulation testing sticks. The two apps I have predicted ovulation day as Monday, well that would be about right as that is the first day of my new placement! BUT, yesterday morning I had a line on one of the tests, but was it dark enough?! And It couldn’t be yesterday, I had a presentation for uni! Second opinions confirmed not dark enough but it was suggested I get the Clear Blue test as it gives you either a smiley face or no face, so easy to read! After my presentation I was off to the shop to get the new test for this morning.

Except I couldn’t wait until this morning and did a test last night before bed and… SMILEY FACE!!! Cue complete freak out, no sleep over night and getting up at 6am to do another one just to make sure I really did see a smiley face! I did! This time I took a photo so I could reassure myself. I’m not sure what I have turned into!

I left a message on the answer machine for the clinic and, after a call back, I am off. My emotions are all over the place. Is this really happening? And how on Earth am I going to cope with the next 2 weeks!

Stay safe and ciao for now!